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            Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Enright and I am the Student Advocate at Junction City Elementary. I am starting my fourth year in this position and presently taking classes to be a Professional School Counselor.


            My position as Student Advocate takes on many responsibilities. One function is implementing school prevention programs. For instance, bullying is a target that Junction City Elementary takes seriously, and the subject is thoroughly discussed with all grades and students. We also discuss the importance of academics, college/career planning, and social/emotional development. These lessons are age appropriate and take place within each grade level.


            Another function of the Student Advocate is to facilitate “Life Skills” lessons aligning with state standards. Ohio has implemented a strategic plan for education called Each Child, Our Future. Stakeholders from across the state, including state leaders, representatives from higher education, employers, parents and educators have developed these social emotional standards for kindergarten through the fifth grade. The Student Advocate will focus on a number of topics, ranging from social skills, friendship; changes within the family, grief, to a variety of other issues.


            All students have the opportunity to speak with me. Students are instructed to speak with their teachers and ask permission to come and talk during non-instructional time. There are times when students need more attention. I meet with individuals or small groups for short-term intervention based school counseling (non-clinical). These interventions help determine if students’ need specialized services. Referring parents to local agencies for specific needs is a common function of the Student Advocate.


            Lastly, I am available to parents at any time. Parents can call and schedule an appointment or email me directly at [email protected] I generally check my email daily. Parents/guardians can call directly, and I will return the call at my earliest convenience. 


Mr. Enright

Student Advocate

(740) 987-3751 Extension 4

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