Extended Learning Plan 2021-2023

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New Lexington School District

Extended Learning Plan 2021-2023

Impacted Students


Students will be identified using student performance data that may include but not be limited to quarterly, semester, and final grades, Dibels assessments, Accelerated Reader STAR assessments, prior years Ohio State Testing data, and other appropriate data sources that measure academic performance and growth. For students with disabilities, progress measures used as indicators for I.E.P. goal success will also be used for identification purposes. In addition, teacher and parent referrals will also be considered based on evidence of academic need.


Student Needs: 


The academic needs of students will be assessed prior to academic instruction being provided. Assessments will vary according to subject area, grade level, and the availability of the student to participate. Assessment results will determine the content, concepts, and skills that will be targeted in the instructional plan.


Resources and Budget


Funding will be provided by the American Rescue Plan Act funds, state and federal grants, and supplemented by the general fund if necessary. Funding will provide age-appropriate learning materials for students, pay teachers, including intervention specialists and academic support staff salaries/stipends, Covid safety measures for students, staff, and the buildings, technology needs if necessary, transportation costs if applicable, and other expenses identified as necessary for implementation of the plan.


Academic Plan: 


New Lexington School District will provide extended learning opportunities to students in grades K-12 who are identified based on academic data, including but not limited to grades, that are collected by the end of the school year. Instructional interventions will be provided during the summer months of June and/or July. Instruction will target specific content, concepts and skills  that are aligned to the Ohio Learning Standards. It may include options for small group instruction, one on one tutoring, and remote learning options. Students who are presently in grade 11 who lack the required amount of credits toward graduation may have the opportunity to earn additional credits.




New Lexington Schools will partner with local businesses, government agencies and civic organizations to continue to utilize available community resources that will support and enhance the learning experiences for our students. 


Alignment with School Instructional Plan/Programs: 


The Extended Learning Plan (ELP) is a continuation of interventions currently being provided by the district.  The ELP will permit us to implement additional opportunities of small group and individualized interventions for the targeted students.


The ELP aligns with outcomes specified in the district's CCIP and Title I program. 

Since we are using a number of data sources to determine the target audience, progress toward graduation could be one of the sources.  As such, students needing credit recovery or who need to work toward completion of the requirements for a learning seal may be included.



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