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Article 1

On March 3, 2022 the New Lexington FFA Ag Mechanics Skills team competed at the district competition.The team consisted of Senior: Alex Posey and Juniors: Garrett Harris and Cody Fout. They received 1st in the district as a team. Alex Posey received 1st individually in our district. These three individuals did such an amazing job. On April 8, 2022 they then competed at the State contest. They received 4th overall at the State Competition. Alex Posey received first overall at the State Competition. On May 6, 2022 Alex will walk across the stage at the State Convention and receive his plaque. Ag Mechanics Skills is a contest that consists of assessing the students’ skills in agricultural mechanics that occur in maintenance and repair. Students will demonstrate the proper use of tools and apply tool use and knowledge to daily situations in agricultural mechanical environments.

 These same three students also competed in the Outdoor Power Contest on April 26, 2022. The contest consists of an extension of the Agricultural Education classroom and laboratory. Additionally, this contest serves as an authentic assessment designed to evaluate students’ knowledge in recognizing and repairing malfunctions in outdoor power equipment. The skills Agricultural Education students employ in this contest are the same skills required by outdoor power equipment technicians. They received 15th in the state at the contest. They put forth so much effort and they did such an awesome job. 

 Respectfully Submitted, 

Emily Anderson, New Lexington’s FFA Reporter

Article 2

On April 2, 2022, our Middle School Nature Interpretations and Wildlife Management competed at the state competition. Our middle school nature team placed 1st in the state. Middle Schooler Kimberly Vallette placed 1st in the state individually. Our middle school Wildlife team placed 1st in the state competition as well. Middle Schooler Steven Finck placed 2nd in the state individually. Overall our Middle School teams did an amazing job! 

On April 2, 2022 our High School Wildlife and Nature Interpretation teams also competed. Our Wildlife Team placed 1st in the state competition. Individually Zane Ortman placed 1st and Ryan Boyle placed 2nd in the state. Our Nature Interpretation team placed 9th in the state. 

The purpose of the Wildlife contest was to stimulate interest and to promote instruction in the areas of fish and wildlife management, as well as to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of natural resources instruction. The purpose of the Nature contest is to stimulate interest and to promote instruction in nature interpretation as well as to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as  a result of natural resources instruction.

Article 3

Article #3

Backhoe Rodeo and Skid Loader Maneuverability

In Mr. Lindsey’s Mechanical Principles classes, we have what is called Backhoe Rodeo. This is when we are able to learn how to operate a backhoe and all the different controls and options that are available. It turns into a challenge between all the classes on who can have the fastest time with the most accuracy. The challenge is to pick up a bucket and put it into a trash can as fast as you can without dropping or crushing the bucket. If you drop the bucket you have to start over and this skill teaches students patience, accuracy, hand control, and how to properly operate a backhoe. We are also learning about agriculture equipment safety at all times while operating the machines. This is fun and educational for the students who may never have the opportunity to drive a piece of farm equipment. 

The other piece of equipment that we learn how to operate is a Skid Loader. For the Skid Loader we are challenged to pick up a skid that has a bucket on it, take it down and around another bucket and come back to the start, lay the skid down and back the Skid Loader to its original position. This is also a timed event. We see how fast and accurate students can complete the course successfully. This is such a great way for students to learn how to drive and use a Skid Loader. Many of our students aren't from an agriculture background at home therefore, all students no matter their background get the opportunity to run a Skid Loader and other types of equipment. This is the very first activity we do in class and it is a fun way to start the year off. 

Respectively Submitted, 

Emily Anderson

New Lexington FFA Reporter

Article 4

Exciting Things Happening At The New Lexington FFA Farm

This year after our annual banquet, we decided to have our own Farm to Table for our banquet next year. Having our own Farm to Table for the banquet would show the community how we utilize our farm. For our banquet we will be raising a pig at our farm along with potatoes, onions, and green beans. By growing our own food we are able to know the quality of what we are eating and it is farm fresh. Farm Fresh food is naturally more nutritious than buying it at a store. We are also saving our Chapter money by growing our own food. The last perk of growing our own vegetables, is when it’s time to harvest the vegetables all of our members take part in picking these vegetables so everyone can see how rewarding it is to be successful. 

Another important event that happened at our farm is we planted field corn and soybeans. We partner with Beck’s Hybrids to plant test plots on our farming part of the farm. Many students don’t get these kinds of opportunities. We use a tractor and a 6 row planter to plant the soybeans and field corn. 

Article 5

On Friday, December 2, 2022, our Officer team participated in the New Lexington Christmas Parade. Our float was themed for the contest that was held. We went with Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer. It was a blast and we can’t wait to participate in it next year!

Article 6

Our Parliamentary Procedures team competed at Districts on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. They received 2nd in their contest. They will be competing at the State contest on Saturday, December 17, 2022. Good luck everyone! 

Article 7

Our Food Science team competed at the District level on Saturday, November 12, 2022. They received first in their district. They then competed at the State Contest on Saturday, December 3, 2022. They placed 19th overall. Congratulations to Emma Givens as she placed 5th in the State individually. We are so proud of the hard work they have put in. 

Article 8

Members of our Meat Evaluation Team and Parliamentary Procedures team went to the National FFA Convention. The Parliamentary Procedures team received a Silver Rating. The Meats Evaluation also received a Silver Rating and Emma Givens received a Gold Rating individually! 

Article 9

The Annual FFA Banquet was held at the New Lexington High School Cafeteria on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022. At the start of the banquet, the officers of 2021 performed their opening ceremonies and called the banquet to order. All enjoyed the delicious dinner which was provided by Hiney's Smoke Shack, located in New Lexington, Ohio. It was served by members  of New Lexington’s National Honor Society and FCCLA. After dinner was concluded, the Awards Ceremony and Induction of New Officers began. The FFA Chapter gave out awards, FFA jackets, scholarships, and recognized exemplary members. Those awards and scholarships included:

Star Awards: 

Star Freshman- Emily Anderson and Novalye Christian. Star Greenhand- Bethany Bailey and Megan Howdyshell. Star Sophomore- Stephenie Tish. Start Junior- Emma Givens, Kaylee Anderson. Star Seniors- Zane Ortman and Grace Baker. Star Chapter Farmer- Nevaeh Ogle

Top Leadership Awards:  

Freshman- Emily Anderson, Bethany Bailey, Novalye Christian, Lilah Carson, and Megan Howdyshell. Sophomores- Stephenie Tish, Lauren Penrod, Lane Baker, Bree Wright, and Jacob McGlothlin. Juniors- Kaylee Anderson, Emma Givens, Cody Fout, Garrett Harris, Kelly Gordon, Trinity Pollock, Ella Burton, and Kenzie Carroll. Seniors- Nevaeh Ogle, Zane Ortman, Alex Posey, Grace Baker, and Jori Kinsel. 

Honorary Chapter Farmer Recipients: 

Bryan McCoy and Corey Hill.

Top Fruit, Beef, and Cheese Sale Awards: 

These people sold more than 20 Units and went on the Cabela’s trip: Lilah Carson, Zane Ortman, Lane Baker, Eli McCord, Ben Givens, Bryanna Wright, Jon Spangler, Bianca Friesner, Janae Goodyear, Ella Burton, Mason Klingler, Cassandra Coey, Isabella Rehart, Amelia Binkley, Emma Givens, Novalye Christian, Emma Bell, Alex Posey, Stephenie Tish, Kord Shriner, Reagan Parkerson, Gracie Newlon, Emerson Decore, Storm Stimmel, Sawyer Smith, Tessa Hubble, Shauna Littleton, Karen McGlothlin, Allison Cannon, Jenna Howdyshell, Gabe Lavender, Breanna Dowling, Bethany Bailey, Gauge Klingler, Kenzie Carroll, and Trinity Cook. There were 7 members who sold 50 or more units, those include Nevaeh Ogle, Lauran Penrod, Jacob McGlothlin, Andrew Mohler, Jacob Seals, Jori Kinsel, and Emily Anderson. 

Top Strawberry Sale Awards:

These members sold 10 flats or more of strawberries: Jade Simpson, Ella Burton, Lauren Penrod, Sydney Middaugh, Emmerson Decore, Josh Dold, Saydee Allen, Orrin Miller, Nevaeh Ogle, Kylie Fink, Sophia Nutter, Jayden Preece, Stephenie Tish, Ben Givens, Colton Seymour, Makina Wood, Emily Anderson, Kaylee Anderson, Amelia Binkley, Nolan Carson, Aiden Dutiel, Maylynn Finley, Caden Gibson, Kenedi Kunkler, Nevaeh McCord, William Skidmore, and Cooper Talbot. 

We had 14 members who sold 20 or more flats of strawberries. These include: Zane Ortman, Mason Klingler, Lilah Carson, Kenzie Carroll, Bethany Bailey, Bryanna Wright, Emmie Danison, Isabella Rehart, Gabe Lavender, Gracie Newlon, and Jerrah Poling. Cody Fout was our top seller with a total of 74 flats of strawberries. 

Big Buck Contest:

Lane Baker won our Big Buck Contest.

Backhoe Rodeo Champion:

Kaylee Anderson and Cody Fout were our Backhoe Rodeo Champions. 

District, State, and National Judging Teams: 

Districts for Job Interview- Kaylee Anderson, Megan Howdyshell, Stephenie Tish, and Grace Baker. District Public Speaking- Megan Howdyshell. District Ag. Soils- Emily Anderson, Novalye Christian, and Bethany Bailey. District Urban Soils- Ryan Boyle and Kelly Gordon. District Outdoor Power- Cody Fout, Alex Posey, and Garrett Harris. State level judging teams: Ag. Mechanics- Alex Posey, Cody Fout, and Garrett Harris. Public Speaking- Grace Baker, Nevaeh Ogle, and Bethany Bailey. Forestry- Emily Anderson, Emma Givens, Nevaeh Ogle, and Zane Ortman. Urban Soils- Nevaeh Ogle, Kaylee Anderson, Emma Givens, Ryan Boyle, and Alex Posey. Advanced Parliamentary Procedures- Grace Baker, Bethany Bailey, Olivia Friesner, Megan Howdyshell, Zane Ortman, Egan Hoffman, Lane Baker, and Jade Simpson. Meats Evaluation- Emma Givens, Zane Ortman, and Egan Hoffman.

Russell Brown-Bill Newlon FFA Scholarship and FFA Alumni Scholarship: 

Russell Brown-Bill Newlon FFA Scholarship: Grace Baker, Alex Posey, Zane Ortman, Nevaeh Ogle. FFA Alumni Scholarship: Ryan Boyle, Olivia Friesner, Maylynn Finley, Emma Abrams, and Sydney Hambel.  

State FFA Degree Recipients:

 Kaylee Anderson and Emma Givens. 

Proficiency Degree Applications:

 Zane Ortman applied for a State Proficiency Award in Poultry Production and has qualified as a top 4 finalist for the state of Ohio. Zane went through an extensive interview process and his final placing will be revealed at the 2022 Ohio FFA Convention in May. 

State Books: 

Kaylee Anderson got a Gold rating on her Reporter’s Book and Olivia Friesner also received a Gold rating on her Treasurer’s Book. 

 2022-2023 FFA Queen:

 This year's New Lexington FFA Queen is Kaylee Anderson. 

 Officer Inductions:

Retiring President: Grace Baker installed our newly elected President, Stephenie Tish. Retiring Vice President: Nevaeh Ogle installed Emma Givens, our newly elected Vice President. Retiring Secretary: Andrea Groves installed our newly elected Secretary, Natasha Bailey. Retiring Treasurer: Olivia Friesner installed Bethany Bailey, our newly elected Treasurer. Retiring Reporter: Kaylee Anderson installed our newly elected Reporter, Emily Anderson. Retiring Sentinel: Zane Ortman installed Megan Howdyshell, our newly elected Sentinel. Retiring Student Advisor: Stephenie Tish installed our newly elected Student Advisor, Novalye Christian. Retiring Liaison: Bethany Bailey installed Gracie Newlon, our newly elected Liaison. Retiring Chaplain: Lane Baker. Retiring Historian: Emma Givens. 

    This banquet displayed the great accomplishments and highlights of our year. Thanks to everyone who supports our FFA program and all of the wonderful students who make our chapter so successful. 

Respectfully Submitted:

Emily Anderson, New Lexington’s FFA Reporter 

Article 10

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 we held the District Barnyard Olympics. Our Officer team planned all the games that we played. We kept a point system and we totaled up all the points at the end to see who won. New Lexington FFA won with Meigs FFA coming in 2nd. After the games we had pizza, chips, and cookies. Everyone had a blast and we hope to host this again next year!

Article 11

We just held our annual FFA Fruit Sale. We had many members participate in this sale. We sold pears, oranges, apples, grapefruit, cheese, summer sausage, and many different flavored beef sticks. All of the proceeds go to paying for the trips our FFA teams go on. Thanks to everyone who supported the FFA. Thank you to the members who participated in the sale!

Article 12

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022 we took our Annual FFA Canoe trip in the Hocking River. We were able to take 90 members from the high school! We had a blast on this trip and it was so fun. After our 5 mile trip we grilled hotdogs and had chips and pop to go with them. After we ate we got back on the bus and came back to the school. This is one of the most liked trips. 

Article 13

On Monday, November 7, 2022, Mr. Lindsey’s capstone partnered with Beck's Seed Consultants to harvest the corn at our farm. These students worked all day to harvest all the corn. These select students were quizzed about the soil and corn and if they were right they received merchandise from Beck’s. It’s such a great partnership we have with Beck’s.  

Article 14

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, some of our members participated in our local Farm to Table event. Awards were presented by our members to members that attended. We are so thankful to have a dedicated community who holds this event. We partner with The Perry County Farm Bureau to host this event at the Perry County Fair Grounds. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this event!

Article 15

In July, many of our members attended Camp Ohio FFA Camp. This is a 5 day trip that we take to Camp Ohio in Carrollton, Ohio. This is a great trip to take because you learn a lot. Many of the activities are teamwork and patience based. It’s a great experience for our members to be a part of. 

Article 16

Our middle school held a Christmas party on Friday, December 16th after school. There were 40 middle school members that attended this meeting. They ran a meeting and had dinner and a movie.

Article 17

The high school held their annual Christmas meeting on Friday, December 16th. We ran a meeting and had dinner with cookie decorating, hot chocolate, and a movie. There were 20 members that attended this meeting.

Article 18

We took our annual Cabelas Trip on Friday, December 9th. We went to Cabelas in Columbus, Ohio, went out to eat, then to an escape room. We had an amazing time on this trip. 22 of our members attended this trip. 

Article 19

Our Novice Parliamentary Procedures team placed 1st at state and is going to Nationals. Those members include Lauren Riley, Kelsie Moore, Rosella Bateson, Kira Sidwell, Mia Metzger, Elsie Zinn, Arliegh Gibson, Carissa Householder, Quinn Mildenstein, not pictured Bryce Posey. Great job to everyone who was involved. 

Article 20

We had a pregnant lamb at the farm. We had them ultrasounded and members were able to help out and see what it’s like to ultrasound an animal. Thanks to Dr. Preston for helping out. 
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