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The AIR Test Song

Other People Matter

Jce holiday concert

Reading auction at JCE a huge success

Students at JCE select books at their reading level, and once they've finished reading the book they take comprehension quizzes on Accelerated Reader.  This is where they earn their AR points.  For every AR point they earn, they get one "Book Buck."  Our JCE students earned over 7,500 book bucks! 

The students then take those "Book Bucks" at the end of each semester and get to spend them at the auction or store.  This year we had three students earn over 150 AR points in the first two nine weeks.  Mia Metzger earned 153, Talib Tilley earned 180, and Lena Finck earned 183. Lena said she wanted wanted to earn the most points in the school and make sure she had every opportunity to buy whatever she wanted at the auction and store.  Mr. Joe Ogden volunteered his time for both the winter and spring auctions as the auctioneer.  In addition, many local businesses donated items to the store and auction.  We really appreciate all of their support in rewarding our students for their efforts.  

The zoo visits JCE!

jce celebrates Anti Bully day by wearing the color blue

level up league heroes

Here at Junction City Elementary, we have been using the Lexia program for over a decade. Lexia is a program that promotes learning in reading and phonics. It is used by grades Kindergarten all the way to fifth grade in our building. Since technology is having a rapidly increasing presence in the classroom, Lexia has become a big part of our school day.

We decided that the students who really work hard on Lexia will to be rewarded for their accomplishments. When a student levels up on Lexia, they are now given a certificate and then allowed to put a picture of their face on the body of their favorite superhero or Disney princess, where it stays for one week.  The “Level-Up League” has had a positive impact on our building and it is here to stay.

Level up league heroes - week of November 13th

Jonathan Bourne, Tahhah Knight, Makenna Hill, Jena Spencer, Peyton Kunkler, Lydia Rupe, Jordan Courts, Luke Williams, Kaydence Brame, Joey Davis, Deegan Huffman, Harrison Ratliff, Kord Shriner, Erin Simcox, Araya Butcher, Tanner King, Adrianna Spears, Cade McCoy, Skylar Panozzo, Marshall McCoy, Natalie Fondale, Chase Saylor, Lyla Boyden, Conner Chapmen, Chad Hatfield, Allie Fondale, Karmia Hubble, Madison Metzger, Jaxon Barker, Chase Moore

Level up league heroes - week of November 6th

Briel Pearson, Taylo Maughmer, Warren Betts, Marley Mendez-Santiago, Hunter Cork, Ben King, Gracie Stoltz, Jaxton Musser, Chase Moore, William Turner, Alexa Schmittauer, Maddox Carson, Clayton Cannon, Landon Denny, Zoey Shaner, Liam Wright, Austin Bray, Dedrix Chevalier, Emma Williams, Reed Hicks, Lucas Renick, Zoey Massey, Kadyn Keaton, Conner Fink, Chase Burdette, Brody Keister, Eli Dixon, Carson McCoy, Addison Scott, Jordan Gill, Allen Roby, Matthew Klingler, and Issac Allen

Level up league heroes - week of October 30th

Layla Rile, Conner Chapman, Gunner Gabril, Carson Kennedy, Thaddeus McCord, Cade McCoy, Karina Large, Aria Fox, Bronx Robey,
Samuel Hill, Travis Turner, Tyler Parker, Garbilla Poling, Chloe Leach, Karmia Hubble, Ava Gleason, Layla Baker, Peton Kunkler, Chad Hatfield, Sophie Burgess, Riley Stoltz, Rocco Stanton, Terrelle King, Mackinzee Wolf, Rickie Wolf

Level up league heroes - week of October 23rd

Kaden Bookman, Evan Pingle, Connor Fondale, Liam Wright, Jaxyn Barker, Chloe Horner, Mariah Murray, Leland Oldaker, Jammie New, Issac Allen, Chase Moore, Tayler Maughmer, Gracie Stolz, Benny King, Kaydence Brame, Makenna Hill, Karley Tenick, Bryce Givens, Cruze Lones, Connor Chapman, Gunner Patton, Cassidy Bruce, Makayla McCoy, Skylar Panozzo, Gracie Helber, Gatlin Grabill, Levi Longhenry, Ayden Dingess, Makenzy McCoy, Arlo Metzger, Carissa Householder, Kelsie Moore, James Sharp, and Dylan Rupe-Robey

Level up league heroes - week of October 16th

Sienna Fondale, Clayton Cannon, Makenzy McCoy, Drew Anderson, Luke Thompson, Izzy Wharton, Nate Hiles, Layne Mozingo, Cord Shriner, Simon Newman, Faith McCune, Kayle Robey, Kovi Coleman, Adrianna Spears, Jared Renice, Araya Butcher, Tyler West

Level up League Heroes - week of October 9th, 2017

Landen Denny, Landon White, Jonathan Bourne, Ian Boyden, Chase Moore, Briel Pearson, Karley Renick, Payton Cain, Ciera Nelson, Mitchel Humphrey, Mikayla Vanpelt, Cole Chapman, Tayler Maughmer, Maddox Carson, Hunter Cork, Joseph Westwood, Reed Hicks, Ayden Dingess, Malik Berry, Liam Wright, Alexa Schmittauer, Levi Longhenry, Bently Sharp, Troy Burgoon

Level up league Heroes - week of October 2nd

Jaxyn Barker, Connor Fondale, Luke Thompson, Erin Simcox, Ayden Griffin, Deegan Huffman, Gracie Stoltz, Sam Hill, Warren Betts, Dedrix Chevalier, Zoey Shaner, Colt Mathis, Peyton Kunkler, Sophie Burgess, Allen Roby, Andre Spicer and Kelsie Moore

Level up League Heroes - week of September 25th

Gatlin Grabill, Lucy Newman, Ayden Dingess, Luke Thompson, Lane Ratliff, Karly Renick, Mackinzee Wolf, Briel Pearson, Ava Gleason, Makenzy McCoy, Tyler Smith, Camryn Chute, Jammie New, Chase Moore, Trinety Crist, Marshal McCoy, Brandon Ruff, Chloe Leach, Tristin Fulk, Gabby Poling, Chloe Horner, Clayton Cannon, Sienna Fondale, Brody Kiester, Cade McCoy, Tyler Parker, Terrelle King, Tannah Knight

Another successful Literacy Night at JCE!


            JCE Results     State Average     Indicators

3rd Reading     87.5%         62%           (Met State Indicator)

Mathematics    89.1%         70%           (Met State Indicator)

4th Reading     81%           61%                     (Met State Indicator)

Mathematics     89.7%         71%                      (Met State Indicator)

Social Studies    94.8%         76%                        (Met State Indicator)

5th Reading     68.5%          66%

Mathematics     75.9%            66% (Last Yr. 75% earned the indicator -now 80%)

Science        87%             66%                      (Met State Indicator)

• Performance Index = 100.3 Rating B

Closing the GAP Component Grade - Rating A

AMO - Rating A

K- through 3 Literacy Grade - Rating B

• Met Third Grade Guarantee

• Gifted Points received 73 - needed 80 for indicator

Outscored “State Average” in every Category!

JCE Book Fair - 9/25 - 9/29

2017/2018 Early out dates

This year Junction City Elementary Students will be released at 1:40 p.m. on the following:
Early Out Dates: 
   Friday,  September 1st
   Friday,  September 15th
       Friday,         September 29th  
   Friday,  October 13th 
   Friday,  October 27th
   Friday,  November 10th
   Friday,  December 1nd
   Friday,  December 15th
   Friday,  January 12th
   Friday,  January 26th
   Friday,  February 9th
   Friday,  February 23rd
   Friday,  March 9th
   Friday,  March 23rd 
   Friday,  April 6th
   Friday,  April 20th
   Friday,  May 4th
   Friday,  May 18th

Open House

Junction City Elementary Open House
Monday, August 21st
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m
Hope to see you there! 
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Lane Ratliff, Luke Thompson, Levi Longhenry, Ali Grayson, Cruze Lones, Robilynn Proctor, Cole Chapman, Liam Wright, Kayle Robey, Leland Oldaker, Isacc Thompson, Payton Price, Max Humphrey, Mikayla Vanpelt, Gunner Patton, Tanner Toth, Skyler Robinette, Rhaylee Sarver, Gatlin Grabill, Lila Wolf, and Brody Keister
Trinety Crist, Chloe Hollingshead, Kaden Bookman, Marshall McCoy, Carson Dennis, Tristan Fulk, Gabriella Poling, Ginger Finck, Mriah Murray, Warren Betts, Aziza Houston, Issac Allen, Drew Anderson, Payton Cain, Makayla Huber, Cohen Spears, Nate Hiles, Elijah Mock, Austin Bray, Jacob Morris, Dylan Rupe-Robey, and Madison Miller
Mikiah Longhenry, Baja Shumaker, Liam Clark, Macy Cork, Haleigh Nelson, Emorie Kessler, Bryce Givens, Bronx Roby, Savannah Thompson, Kori Anderson, Adrianna Spears, Briel Pearson, Chloe Leach,Kadence Radigan, Evan Pingle, Warren Betts, Cord Shriner, Clayton Cannon, Markel Hawkins, Makayla McCoy, Wyatt Barnette, Arlo Metzger, Drake Edwards, and Allan Robey

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