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Greetings Students and Parents

Mrs. Curry
Greetings, and welcome to my page.  I'm Mrs. Curry and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences, (FCS) to 6, 7, and 8 graders. I hope this note finds you healthy and in good spirits.   COVID-19 has changed even this current school year.  This will be a unique situation for all of us in the present and coming weeks.  I am looking forward to being back at school.  I hope you are.  The best way to contact me is through email:  [email protected]
As always please let me know if you have problems or concerns at any point during this time! 
 I believe in the FCS logo, "Family and Consumer Sciences, Knowledge You Can't Live Without". You will see this logo in the FCS classes.  I am a believer that the information you receive in the FCS classes and FCCLA activities are things you will be able to use in life.  If not today, then somewhere in your future.  FCS and FCCLA are intra-curricular, so we will be doing activities in class from FCCLA.  My hope is that the knowledge you gain in our classes will prepare you to make wise decisions for a better tomorrow.   As I always end the class, I will end this post.  "Have an awesome day, make wise choices."
FCS - Knowledge You Can't LIVE Without

Careers and Transitions

I Can. . . . . 

Develop an individual academic career plan based on self-knowledge and interests.

Recognize possible job search resources (e.g., family, neighbors, friends).

Understand career and workplace issues.

Recognize values and resources that support goals.

Identify time management techniques that help meet goals (e.g., setting priorities, using schedules and planners, avoiding procrastination, multi-tasking).

Identify daily life practices, routines and procedures that sustain the environment.

Define decision-making process. 

Principles of Food

I Can. . . . . 

Demonstrate use of problem solving to make healthy food choices for a healthy body.

Apply nutrition information to guide food choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Identify kitchen practices that sustain the environment.

Demonstrate safe food-handling practices related to food-borne pathogens.

Apply kitchen practices that sustain the environment

6th grade Experience Class
Will be exposed to Foods and Nutrition,
Kitchen Safety,
Sewing and clothing care
Baby sitting and child development 
Personal development and Careers

Botvin Life Skills - Personal Wellness and Development
This class is a joint effort with OSU, Perry County Extension and NLMS.  We will be using the curriculum provided by a grant with OSU.  

Intro to FCS
We will be looking at all the areas of FCS within the nine weeks.  Interior design and textiles, Food and Nutrition, Decision Making,

A little about myself

I grew up in Perry County Ohio.  I attended OU and graduated in Home Economics and Consumer Education.  I did my student teaching at NLHS which is in the very classroom I teach in today.  I am married, have 3 adult children, and 2 grandchildren.

I enjoy spending time with friends drinking a cup of coffee or tea.  Scrapbooking, card making or quilting. I enjoy flowers even though I do not have a green thumb.  I was a flower designer at a florist when I was in HS and college.  I enjoy the outdoors; fishing, watching baseball, picnics,  or just sitting on the porch with a friend as long as I'm out of the direct sun.  
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