Alternative Learning with Blackboard

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Parents should notify the school as soon as possible if you are planning to choose our Alternative Learning option. That can be accomplished by filling out this online form BELOW, the deadline on this form is Friday August 28th. There will be a short window at the beginning of the year if you decide to return to face to face instruction. Deadline to return to face to face instruction is Friday September 18th. If you decide to return before September 18th please contact your building principal.

Students may re-enter face to face instruction at the beginning of the next grading period. If you would like to return to face to face instruction please contact your building principal prior to the beginning of the next grading period. 

Student’s will follow the same daily curriculum as the face to face classroom instruction. ALL Students, both face to face and remote, will submit assignments online, and actively participate in daily lessons. If for some reason school closes ALL students will participate remotely. 

Attendance and grades will be recorded as required by New Lexington Schools Board Policy and the Ohio Department of Education requirements..



In order to better serve our students, this year we will be using Blackboard as our Alternative Learning platform.

Blackboard Learn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps teachers share content, host discussions, create and grade assessments, track student performance, create modules, collaborate with peers, notify students and parents, read reports, view data, manage assignments, host virtual meetings, see student views, create announcements, share calendars, post announcements, and much more! 

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that let's the users add files, share applications, use a virtual whiteboard, take polls, and break into groups. 

Families can expect a more unified and organized experience. 



If you would like to sign up for the Alternative Learning Option please complete the the form below!
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